Limoncello Of Doom

Limoncello Of Doom

I made these labels a couple years ago, to go on the bottles of my  Limoncello Of Doom (my own personal thing, not a part of camp service or gifting). Pani and I had been fans of the lemon liqueur for years. After a chance encounter with a random stranger at Burning Man in 2011 I was inspired to make my own. For that first year’s batch, I used glass bottles and laser etched a label directly onto the glass.

Laser-etched Limoncello Of Doom bottle, 2012
Laser-etched Limoncello Of Doom bottle

I loved how the bottles turned out, but I did not like bringing clear glass bottles to the Black Rock Desert. For the 2013 batch, I sourced plastic flask bottles and wanted a custom label.

In less time than it took for me to describe what I wanted, Pani came up with a design. It was a delightful sugar skull, complete with lemon slices for eyes. I pulled the label together quickly and was got them printed in time for that year’s adventures in the dust.

I’ve tweaked the limoncello of doom labels design for reprints a couple times in the years since, but it remains a favorite. Click here to check out my recipe for making your own limoncello. I’m planning on doing a Brainwash session on making your own on the playa this year (check out our 2019 plans here).

Limoncello Of Doom bottle, 2013
Ingredients include Indifference & Doom

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