2022 Plans

Brainy Bar with Deck

Welcome to The Brainy Bar!  Created by Eridu Society in 2016, The Brainy Bar serves as a watering hole for big thinkers!  After years of building a variety of art pieces (big and small), we wanted to focus on a more interactive and intimate experience and Brainy Bar is the result.  We had so much fun that we went all in on the concept.

We build a beautiful, shaded Brainy Bar lounge space with a custom-made bar. In 2019 we made the bar and lounge space bigger, created a bunch of new art (in a victorian steampunk style), and more. After a couple years off during the pandemic, we are looking to refine and rework the camp. Updating much of the art, of course, but also making changes and improvements to those changes and improvements from 2019. More fun than ever and as safe as possible in these unprecedented times.

Fuck Yeah We're Open

A Dive Bar For The Ages

The Brainy Bar is open at different times of day each day of the week. Each day, the bar will feature a Daily Special alcoholic drink, a non-alcoholic drink, and a topic of conversation chosen by the bartender.  Like the Burning Man art theme, the topic of conversation is completely optional, we merely offer it as a place to get started.  Our Daily Special concept got its start in 2012 at the Fertile Minds Idea Deli, where a daily specials board started out as a running joke among campmates, but quickly became a hit with visitors.

Brainy Bar 2017

Additionally, our camp obtains a food permit and offers a range of food gifting throughout the week. We don’t have a published schedule for food gifting, since we prefer offer up unexpected gifts to guests and passers-by.  In previous years we made fresh-baked cinnamon rolls each morning… that was a big hit, and we plan on doing that again.  Additionally, we plan on bringing back our Fancy Shmancy S’Mores on a few evenings throughout the week, and there has been talk of other snacks and treats.

In 2019 we made a number of structural changes to our front of house, both expanding the ground level shade, and adding an observation deck atop our camp’s shipping container. Both of those worked out extremely well, and we think will be a great fit for our plaza placement. Come visit us at Burning Man 2022 at 3:00 and the plaza on Glimmer. Chance Of Survival: Reasonably Good

Fuck Off We're Closed

We’re sorry, but we are not currently accepting new members.  Brainy Bar already has a great mix of seasoned playa veterans, new burners, returning campmates, and people who’ve never camped with us before. It is more important to us to create the best experience we can with manageable numbers than it is grow as large as we can. We love you and invite you to come visit us in the desert, but we are trying to keep our numbers relatively small. If you’re looking for a camp to join, see this post on the Burning Man ePlaya community web site. It was written by our camp leader, and should help point you in the right direction.