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We have placement!!!

Brainy Bar has been placed at 3:00 & Glimmer, in the plaza!

Brainy Bar by day
Brainy Bar by day

I am very excited to announce that Brainy Bar has received placement at Burning Man 2022! We will be placed on 3:00 in the Glimmer Plaza (check out the 2022 city layout here) – it’s a whole new kind of placement for us, but we’re up for the challenge and looking forward to another exciting adventure on the playa.

Service Please

We will of course continue to operate the Brainy Bar, a watering hole for big thinkers. Brainy Bar takes the idea of a dive bar and transforms it into something a little different. Each bar session runs for approximately an hour (or longer), and serves a single alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) drink… as well as a topic of conversation, to be determined on the day by the bartender.

Big Jenga

In addition, we offer a few bar games (like our popular Big Jenga), a rubber stamp bar, postcards from the future, all in a cozy lounge and gallery space. We added an observation deck in 2019 that was a huge hit, we think that will make for some excellent mutant vehicle and people-watching in the 3:00 and Glimmer plaza!

Bad Idea Limonada

We are working hard at bringing everything together. We’ve got art to make, infrastructure to rebuild, and all sorts of logistical details to figure out in the next few months. We’re looking forward to pulling it all together and seeing everyone in Black Rock City in August!

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