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Brainy Bar 2022

Brainy Bar by night
Brainy Bar by day
Brainy Bar by day

The best laid plans of mice and Brainy Barbarians…. we had such high hopes for 2020, but the world threw us all a whole bunch of curveballs. We are feeling confident and excited that Burning Man’s going to happen this year and the Brainy Bar is planning to be there.

We’re still planning on running the Brainy Bar (with options for drinkers as well as non-drinkers) at different times throughout the week (check the schedule posted at the front of camp), as well as FANCY SHMANCY S’MORES on several evenings just after dusk.

Brainy Bar by night
Brainy Bar by night
Black Rock Punch
Original Famous Trilo’s Black Rock Punch

Our plans are still coming together, but we can share a few details. In 2019 we expanded our lounge space with more shade and more seating, as well as added a shaded observation deck above our shipping container, and were really pleased with the results. We are definitely continuing with the expanded space, plus we’ll be reworking and adding to the art, creating a Brainy Bar Saloon & General Store.

Rubber Stamps
Rubber Stamp Bar

Think victorian, think steampunk, and think old timey wild west and you get an idea of what we’re going for. The General Store will have our Rubber Stamp bar, postcards from future burns, and a lot of general items on display (but not necessarily on offer).

  • Bubbling With Excitement!
  • New Fresh Smell!
  • Now More Than Ever!
  • And A Whole Lot More!

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