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Welcome to the Brainy Bar – a watering hole for big thinkers! Thank you for joining us, and please bear with as we get everything sorted out. Over the years we have had a number of different web site designs, created with a variety of different programs and hosted through various methods.

Now is the part where we should probably mention something clever about 2019 being quite a year for metamorphoses and changing over the web site is just another in the series. But we won’t. Change is a constant, and in the grand scheme of changes, one little theme camp changing around its web site is hardly worth taking any note. Unless this is the only post you see when you visit the site. Then it’s “Oh crap, they’ve redone their goddamned web site and don’t have any other posts up yet!”

We are an art collective and Burning Man theme camp. Secret societies and time travel may also be involved. But don’t tell anybody – it’s a secret!

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