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Brainy Bot Sticker

Brainy Bot Sticker

With 2018’s art theme of I, Robot we were inspired to re-imagine our Brainy Bar camp artwork as a robot with a visible brain… or Brainy Bot if you will. Playing art director, I suggested the idea of marrying the Maschinemensch gynoid in Frits Lang‘s unforgettable classic Metropolis with our brain artwork. In less time than it took to describe it in any more detail, Pani had come up with a rough draft of the Brainy Bot design.

She went through a number of minor revisions to get to the final version, and we then set about working the design up for tags, shirts, and cool gifts like this sticker.

Universal Appeal Of Stickers

There is something about the appeal of stickers. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Aside from really fascinating movements like sticker art culture, there is a universal appeal. As a kid on book covers and binders, bikes, lunchboxes, and thousands of other surfaces. As adults they wind up on bumpers and boxes and luggage and laptops.

I think it’s a combination of all those things. Different ages and interest groups all have some use for a good sticker, and I think a sticker is even better when it’s just art and not simply a commercial brand advert. Part of the snarky appeal of Burning Man and burner culture is how camps and artists build brands for things that aren’t commercial in nature, and the Brainy Bot Sticker is our contribution to that.

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